Transition to waterborne with our easy-to-follow conversion plan.

Our WaterMasters are experts in Straight Talk and Real Help for controlled and supported waterborne conversions.

Over the last two decades, protecting our environment has become increasingly relevant in the automotive industry. Although there have been many regulatory changes, the primary focus has been around air quality control. This focus on air quality shaped the evolution of refinish products in our industry, and resulted in the mandatory use of waterborne products in certain states. This requirement drove FinishMaster to develop the WaterMasters brand.

Mandated air quality regulation requiring waterborne coatings started in California.  With a rapidly approaching deadline and nearly 1,000 shops to convert, FinishMaster became the subject matter expert on waterborne conversion. 

Because of the successful adoption of all of our customers in California, FinishMaster and the WaterMasters team built a conversion plan that could be implemented nationwide. The plan prioritizes activities in preparation for adoption of waterborne products, and walks the team through the process from start to finish, ensuring a seamless conversion.


Fortified with knowledge, tools, and experience, the WaterMasters team trained FinishMaster Technicians across the country, enabling them to educate our customers about the conversion process and waterborne products available. You can have confidence our local team has the resources they need to help you convert, whether the change is voluntary or mandated.

Collision repair centers interested in waterborne conversion can expect the following from WaterMasters:

  • Comprehensive Process Analysis Program to determine the needs of the shop prior to conversion
  • Paint Manufacturer Partners with proven products
  • Waterborne Equipment Partners with State of the Art Products
  • A process for establishing an ROI on possible equipment upgrades
  • A proven and repeatable conversion and adoption process map developed over 2,000+ conversions nationally
  • Trained and certified WaterMasters Technical Representatives to support your shop through the process
  • Onsite training and on-going support once the conversion process is complete
  • An experienced and trusted partner you can count on!

FinishMaster stands ready to support all your waterborne needs with our proven conversion process––whether it’s to comply with new air quality regulations or just because you embrace the leading edge of change in our industry where change remains the norm. 

Please contact your local FinishMaster representative to find out more details about our WaterMasters brand advantage.