Color Tools

Discover the secret to accurate color matching with our range of color tools.

Color Tools

Whether you’re working on the interior or exterior of a vehicle, our advanced technology eliminates guesswork and delivers consistent color results. With precise and reliable color measurements, you can achieve flawless finishes every time.


Accurate, Easy and Fast process

Colorvation is AkzoNobel’s unique approach to vehicle refinishes based on the most advanced digital color technology available. Moving across to a digital platform brings measurable improvements to your refinishing processes – greater accuracy, greater efficiency and ultimately, greater

Key Features & Benefits

  •  Simplifies the color matching process 
  • Selects and optimizes the best matching color 
  • Can bring time savings and increase productivity 
  • One conclusive color measurement after just two quick readings 
  • Color touch screen display for easy use 
  • It is simple and intuitive 
  • Lightweight (420g) with an easy-to-use ergonomic design 
  • Rubber feet help prevent slippage during readings 
  • Small opening allows for easy measuring of curved surfaces 
  • Wi-Fi feature lets you use it anywhere 


Accurate, Easy and Fast process

3M™ SUN GUN™ II Light Kit provides a light source that
replicates natural sunlight, allowing technicians to better
match paint colors. The 3M™ SUN GUN™ II can also help identify pre-painting defects such as pin holes and
scratches as well as post-painting defects such as swirls
marks, burn through, sand scratches and dirt nibs.

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