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Managing a collision center’s inventory is like piecing together a puzzle that ends up different every time. 

The theory of inventory management is basic, however tailoring it to a collision shop is not “One Size Fits All”. 

The challenge revolves around a few questions:

  1. Why should a shop have a paint supply inventory?
  2. Who should be responsible for maintaining the inventory?
  3. How much inventory is enough?

Inventory management is not an opportunity for us to load up your shop and increase costs, rather it is an opportunity to do the exact opposite. 

Identifying opportunities to reduce costs and implement streamline processes is the guiding principal of FinishMaster’s Inventory Management program.  FinishMaster combines critical purchase data and patterns with a menu of inventory processes to develop a customer’s unique management system.

Some of the tasks we complete while helping you build a solid inventory management system include:

  • Organizing Inventory and Labeling Shelves
  • Securing Inventory
  • Setting Min & Max inventory levels
  • Standard operating procedures for Ordering
  • Implement Web based inventory management system that includes technician accountability
  • Restricted SKU Footprint
  • Train process and gain buy in

Contact your FinishMaster representative to complete an opportunity analysis of your current paint material inventory.  We will tailor our menu of solutions to answer challenging questions and start your journey to a more efficient and cost effective inventory management process.

If you want to learn more about our past experience with inventory management, check out our case studies.