Reporting Tools

Timely, accurate reports and metrics will simplify consumption management.

If you can dream it, we can build it. FinishMaster has a proven track record of meeting the challenges of today’s business environment by adapting and scaling our reporting systems to align with yours.

To be the leader of creating value in the automotive and industrial paint refinishing industry, we must provide our customers with unparalleled access to data, delivered when they need it and in formats they can use easily and efficiently. To meet that demand, FinishMaster has invested heavily in state-of-the-art information systems, including sophisticated database creation and mining tools.

Our field team has access to our exhaustive portfolio of reporting options and Key Performance Indicator analysis tools.  Chances are good that we have what you are looking for, but if your business requires something new to match your inspiration and aspiration, our team can help!

Our customers depend on us to provide not just timely and accurate consumption reports, but also the metrics to help them manage inventory effectively and to compare themselves to established benchmarks. 

Here is a snapshot of our most requested reports:


These reports are designed to bring greater visibility to the transactions that comprise your day-to-day purchasing activity. There is no need to wait until your billing statement arrives, and to search through files and desk drawers for individual invoices. Invoices can be monitored as they flow into your email inbox, at the frequency you prefer–daily, weekly, or monthly. If you prefer less detail, we can always provide you a condensed summary of transactions.


This suite of reports is by far our most popular. The report looks back at weekly, monthly, and three-, six-, or 12-month intervals to help you identify trends and potential issues, such as spikes in purchases of specific items. Like most of our reports, these can be configured to show the data from multiple perspectives. This enables you to easily see, for instance: How many rolls of tape did you purchase last month? How does that compare to the prior month? Which brand of tape did you buy most often? If you have multiple locations, we can configure the reports so each location can be compared to the others.


In most regulatory jurisdictions, VOC reporting is mandatory. It is more important than ever to have documentation of the amount of VOCs being delivered to your shop to help you and your employees accurately record and report them. Your local FinishMaster representative is equipped to guide you through the process in your area. VOC content information for every product you purchased in a given time frame is a good place to start.


These reports will help you establish what percentage of your purchases is comprised of each manufacturer, product type, or individual item. Your local FinishMaster representative can assist you to determine if your purchase model is appropriate for your type and mix of business, and help you to compare yourself to established benchmarks.

FinishMaster’s portfolio of reports and capabilities extends well beyond those mentioned.  Please work with your local FinishMaster representative to source the information you need. Use your representative as a resource to assist with the interpretation of data and the implementation of standard operating procedure to improve your processes.