Ordering Options

Choose the ordering option that works for you and your shop.

Simple, Efficient Ordering

Our customers rely on us to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time.

Combining technology with the knowledge of our team members, we offer our customers six ways to place an order. We’re focused on creating a painless process for you, so that you can focus on growing your business. Choose the ordering option that works best for your team, and we promise to get the products to your door.


Point… Click… Paint! Conveniently place orders online 24 hours a day through ShopFinishMaster.com, FinishMaster’s e-commerce website. Our team will work with you and your Account Manager to develop a customized order list. Customizing order lists, by Technician or product category, will help you streamline the products you use, restrict products you do not want ordered, and eliminate ordering errors. 

ShopFinishMaster provides you access to your account balance and order history. You can also designate who receives email confirmation for all orders placed online–giving your team immediate visibility to what is being ordered and who is ordering it.

One of the greatest benefits of our e-commerce options is the ability to sync a Bluetooth scanner, allowing you to quickly scan in and process your order. Our own Account Managers and Support Reps regularly use this method to process orders when they are working with customers.  If you are interested in e-commerce, ask your local representative about sign-up and our recommended device list.

Already signed up? Order now!



Your electronic ordering options extend beyond e-commerce. We have the ability to create a direct connection between your ordering system and our database, transferring orders electronically. Once the initial setup is complete, ordering is easy! 

Step 1: Work with our team to link your system with our system
Step 2: Create an order in your order management system
Step 3: Hit send
Step 4: Your order prints at our branch and is packaged for delivery or pick up


If electronic ordering is not your preference, our knowledgeable Support Center and Branch teams are ready to assist you.

Our Support Center team is on hand Monday-Friday,7AM-8PM EST. They are 100% focused on helping you place orders, quickly and easily.  

Phone: 800-233-9133
Fax: 866-635-0695
Email: orders@finishmaster.com

We also have dedicated Spanish-speaking team members.

Phone: 855-694-6188
Fax: 866-635-0692

If you prefer calling your local branch or Account Manager, they can also help you over the phone, through email, or by fax.  If you plan to place your orders by fax or email, let your local Account Manager know. They can set you up with Managed Customer Inventory (MCI) forms to making ordering even easier.