SMART Aerosols

Four additions to the SMART line focused on streamlining day-to-day processes.

We are excited to introduce four new additions to our SMART line of aersols focused on streamlining day-to-day processes in the shop while remaining price-minded and top performing. 


  • Perfect for blending edges seamlessly and effortlessly
  • Invisible blended finish on clearcoats & solid color top coats
  • Reduces polish time –no cleanup, no waste, no mess option to increase productivity

TECH TIP: Hold the can approximately 10 inches from the surface, apply 2-3 light coats over your blended edge immediately after clear coating. This will create an invisible blend and decrease the polishing required. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for flash and dry times on the clear coat.


  • Equipped with two tips to implement based on build and texture preference
  • Available in gray & black
  • Duplicates and matches all OEM gravel and chip protection
  • Also used for sound dampening inner panels and cover welding/grinding marks

TECH TIP: Applying more than two coats will extend the dry time necessary to top coat. Can be top coated with most solvent paint systems once dry.


  • Use between every step of sanding from fillers to primers, highlighting low or high spots, or any imperfection left behind
  • Dries instantly
  • Doesn’t clog or block abrasives
  • Suitable for wet or dry sanding

TECH TIP: Reapply guide coat when sanding fillers in between every grit to help identify any rogue coarser grit scratches that may get left behind or any minor pinholes and imperfections that might get missed as you sand the surface finer.

With these four latest additions, we are addressing the products and processes most needed by technicians to help them become more productive. Keep an eye out as we continue to add value-minded premium products to the SMART brand family in 2018.