Get SMART About Seam Sealers

It is important to know your seam sealers and their application limitations.

It is important to know your seam sealers and their application limitations no matter what brand you are using. Not all seam sealers are created equally, as is the case for SMART line of 1K and 2K seam sealers! Although all SMART 1K and 2K seam sealers can be applied directly to bare metal, the most important thing to remember when it comes to this procedure is where and when.

SMART 1K seam sealers –

  • Both standard & sprayable contain silane technology
  • Can be applied over bare metals because they require less atmospheric moisture to cure

SMART 2K seam sealers –

  • All epoxy-based two-component sealers
  • Offers excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance due to variety of substrates including bare metals.

Tips for use:

  • Only consider using a primer if application area will puddle/valley water (i.e. roof rails or bed floors)
    • When necessary, apply over a DTM or epoxy primer for best corrosion resistance and adhesion
  • Never apply over or under an acid etch or spray etch primer

No matter what the application, texture, or appearance you are trying to achieve, SMART seam sealers make the choice easy and the results superior with less confusion. Get SMART about seam sealers and check out our 1K and 2K options!